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By | June 27, 2019

Also uninstalls widgets, plug-ins, and other stragglers You can specify apps to be protected from deletion SmartDelete feature will notice apps in the trash and offer to delete their other leftover appzapper serial mac Automatically updates itself By default, AppDelete automatically protects apps you have open and appzapper serial mac installed alongside Mac OS X but appzapper serial mac can turn that off Advertisement Where It Excels AppCleaner is a very simple app, and considering what it does it ought to be. With one more click, the app and its files are gone. Same goes for Dashboard widgets and a few other items, such as browser and audio plugins. All of this is really easy to do and it works very well. It also has a really neat feature called SmartDelete that watches your trash to see if you delete new apps.

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appzapper serial mac

Win more business. Get more done. AppZapper 2: By Federico Viticci Some people call it comeback, other resurrection, some poets often say “like a phoenix who rises from its own ashes”.

Call it whatever you like, but when it’s about Mac and iPhone applications I prefer to call it “hard development and learning from your mistakes”. We recently saw Read It Later coming out with an amazing 2. But there’s so much more about it that we can’t keep on calling it “an uninstaller”.

I’ll call it an “applications manager”. Well, they’re not so hidden, actually: They’ll just stay there on your hard drive. Guess what, after 2 years of usage these files could waste GBs of space and you don’t even know that. This is why I used to love the first version of AppZapper: Dead simple.

Now, many people didn’t like AppZapper as much as I did: Many followers told me on Twitter to try AppTrap , a preference pane which runs in the background and asks you if you want to delete additional files every time you trash an application. Cool and useful, but I didn’t enjoy. I was an AppZapper die hard fan, and I knew all along it would get way better someday. And here we are today, with a completely refreshed app, with more features and a brand new, awesome user interface.

AppZapper 2. Pretty much like AppZapper 1. But, and here comes the cool part, just take a look at the details: The icons are crisp and pixel-perfect and they were designed together with the whole UI by the uber-talented designers Marcelo Marfil , Clemens Knieper , Jasper Hauser and David Lanham.

I interviewed both Marcelo and David a while ago here and here , be sure to read the interviews if you missed them. So, the icons really help to convey the “meaning” of what you’re actually deleting.

Preference panes are depicted as a black sheet, Application Support files as a book with the “A” symbol on the cover and Caches as a wooden clipboard.

Totally awesome. You can decide to check off all the items and zap them move them to the trash or just Cancel and go back to the previous screen. And that’s it for the zapping process: User Interface refinements aside, nothing changed here since the 1.

AppZapper Mac AppZapper comes with two new features: Hit List and My Apps. Let’s see what they can do, and if they’re really that useful. Hit List accessible through a small button in the top right corner of the main window displays every app on a beautiful dark background, together with widgets, prefpanes and plugins you have on your Mac.

It doesn’t just scan your Applications folder: I have some applications in my Downloads folder and AppZapper listed them just fine. Same applies for prefpanes and plugins located God knows where on my Mac HD. Anyway, Hit List lets you select an application from the top and view and obviously Zap its related files on a bottom “shelf”. What’s so great about Hit List it’s again the user interface: You can sort applications by size, last date used and name: I wish the Name menu had the same translucent thing, maybe they’ll change it with the future updates.

Also, as you choose an app to delete, you can view the related files in the bottom part of the window, together with the option to reveal them in the Finder. Useful to get some knowledge about how Mac OS X stores applications files. Last, you can switch between apps, prefpanes, widgets and plugins with the icons in the toolbar.

Do I like this Hit List feature? Definitely yes. It provides and easy and well designed way to view how many applications you have and see what can be deleted I mean, if you haven’t been using for 3 months, why should you keep it? Sure, it could offer more options like QuickLook, total size and right click menu, but it’s a great first shot nonetheless. My Apps lets you store licenses and serial numbers for the applications you’ve purchased.

The graphics are stunning: As you click on the card it flips over revealing details like version, puchase date, website, owner and license. You can either decide to manually type serial numbers or attach a license file if you have one. I don’t know, but it gets the job done very well. It’s accessible via a simple keyboard shortcut, the animations are fantastic just take a look at the dimmed background window when the card flips over and all the necessary information are there.

I don’t need anything more than this, especially if it’s integrated into an application I’ll use everyday. It feels like a brand new app, from the interface to features. It provides a unified and consistent way to delete and manage applications on Mac OS X.

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Date, OS, Name, Version, Rating. 7 years ago, MAC. appZapper. , %. 7 years ago, MAC. AppZapper. , %. 10 years ago, MAC. AppZapper. NMac Ked | AppZapper allows you to confidently uninstall virtually any application as easily as it was installed — just drag and drop. Drag one.

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