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By | June 26, 2019

How can I make this work? Is this even possible when using the trial versions of these products? So far I’ve tried going into the Plugin section of Ableton, via the plugin icon on the left side of massive vst for ableton screen, but I’ve massive vst for ableton messed things up for myself. Now when I click on that plugin icon, all that appears is a label that says ‘Plugin devices’, where underneath it is nothing, and I can’t get it back to how it was! How can I get the plugin feature back to it’s default state and then successfully plug Massive into Ableton?

How to Use VST Plugins in Ableton Live

massive vst for ableton

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. The secret of its huge and powerful sound comes from the layering and mixing of sounds within the engine. Each patch can have 4 layers of sound made from over DSP waveforms, filtered by 34 types, modulated by 8 LFOs and 12 envelopes.

You can import your own audio and then have it pulled apart into individual grains and modulated to within an inch of its life. There are over 14, presets to play with. Omnisphere also has a unique relationship to hardware synthesizers. A growing list of over 30 hardware synths now support a level of integration where Omnisphere becomes the synth engine of the hardware, taking every hardware control and mapping it to parameters inside that pull our hardware-specific elements of Omnisphere.

It brings that familiar layout of your favorite synth into the inner workings of Omnisphere. Omnisphere is an extraordinarily powerful synthesizer. Native Instruments takes all their work across multiple genres and flavors of sound generation and processing and drops it into an enormously coherent whole.

Using the Kontakt 6 sampler, you have stacks of sample-based instruments included strummed acoustic guitar, pianos, electric Rhodes, orchestra strings, horns, and eastern instruments. Moving into percussion, there are the Polyplex drum sampler, Drum Lab percussion layering and a Studio Drummer with over 3, groove patterns.

The effects collection is comprehensive, simple and perfectly versatile with guitar amp and effect modeling, mixing and channel strip modules, delays and reverbs to die for. You can use all these instruments, synths and plugins individually within your DAW software or you can browse through the sounds all together using the Komplete Kontrol software.

This comes alive when using Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol hardware controllers with ready-mapped controls and simple knobs and controls to browse and load instruments.

You save a ridiculous amount of money buying Komplete over buying individual products and it has become a studio staple. Omnisphere is a hugely expansive synthesizer. MPE keyboards are all about pushing parameters into interesting places polyphonically per note. You can bring in not just velocity but aftertouch, bend and vibrato, pressure and glide all mapped to individual parameters. It can give an amazingly expressive mode of performance.

There are 3 oscillators with FM and audio-rate modulation. Twin filters bring the tone with 6 different circuit models to choose from.

It turns the whole experience into a sound design adventure. You can push modulators into modulators and pump the results into multiple parameters and watch as your sounds break themselves apart and reform as something else. As you play and work with your MPE controller the sounds will modulation, twist and turn, embrace rhythms and then be devoured in the battle between hungry tones.

It really is a lot of fun. SampleTank 4 is 5 times the size of the previous version. It will take up GB of your storage, offering over 8, instrument presets covering every style and genre you can possibly imagine. There are pianos, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, strings, brass, synths, vocals, percussion — and these are just the real instruments.

There are GBs of synths, electronic noises, beats, rhythms, soundscapes, and impossibly blended sounds. But the massive library is just the sound source. Add to that a new sound design interface where you can dig into envelopes, modulations, filters, layers and splits and control all aspects of the sounds.

There are performance elements such as an arpeggiator, strummer, phrase and loop manager. SampleTank 4 is a bit of a monster, but an incredibly useful one. Spitfire Labs Street Price: Free at time of writing Spitfire Audio produce some of the most innovative and exciting orchestral libraries on the scene.

All of their sampled instruments come with multiple articulations but can also be manipulated into being so much more than simply cinematic. Then there are some Strings recorded through vintage BBC equipment and played by masters of their crafts.

Then comes an Amplified Cello Quarter, which takes the mellow cello and pushes it to 11 through some seriously overdriven amplification. Drums is simply an awesome kit with such amazing space and placement. The unexpected Charango is apparently the Andean guitar-like instrument that inspired the creation of Spitfire Audio in the first place. And then we have a range of Pads taken from a bunch of vintage synthesizers and processed through some fabulously vintage gear.

Spitfire Audio know how to sample, they use some very interesting gear and manage to mix and produce some of the most expressive and characterful sound libraries in the business. The libraries in the Labs series are no different and are completely free for you to use. Link to Website: The libraries find themselves all over scoring-to-picture, sound design and scaring the life out of people in video games. There are some wonderful collections of classic synthesizers, innovative individual synthesizers, and fabulously cinematic and emotive sound libraries.

I have taken my top 5 from different areas in the hope of covering something that resonates with you. In forthcoming articles, I will dig deeper into more focused and individual categories.

Here are 3 other honorable mentions that are definitely worth checking out. Spectrasonics Keyscape An extraordinary collection of keyboards, organs and electric pianos, deeply multi-sampled and then reconstructed to produce the most authentic sound possible. They are compelling and highly expressive to play. You have control over the mix of microphones, character and effects and the ability to combine a couple together to forge completely new tonal ideas.

There are 36 classic instruments in here that would appeal to any keyboard player. Native Instruments Massive X The long-awaited successor to the original Massive virtual synthesizer Massive X will redefine one of the most popular and iconic software synthesizers of all time. It has a next-generation sound engine with state-of-the-art components and a brand new range of effects and modulations. It features a dual wavetable sound engine, noise generation, analog oscillators, filters, effects and a massive modulation section with no end of LFOs and envelope configurations.

The interface is a radical departure from the original but is a really exciting place to play. Gothic Instruments Dronar Master Edition Dronar has become synonymous with wonderfully weird evolutions in cinematic sound and texture. There are a series of 9 different instruments that are pulled together for the Master Edition and each one is based upon a different set of core samples. But they all benefit from the Dronar modulation engine that pulls and mixes different elements together in sumptuous and often alarming ways.

The Master Edition blends all the different libraries and gives you the opportunity to find soundscapes you never would have discovered using them individually.

How to Use VST Plugins in Ableton Live

Get Massive by Native Instruments and learn how to use the plugin with Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand, and FL Studio for free. INTRODUCING MASSIVE EXPANSIONS MASSIVE Expansions are a new line of tailor-made presets exclusively designed for Native Instruments MASSIVE. Each comes loaded with customizable presets – giving you the ingredients you need to instantly bring your ideas to life. 8. Don’t move the standalone or VST versions after installing (Windows only) VST plug-ins might stop working when the stand-alone application of the plug-in gets moved, renamed or uninstalled. It’s recommended to always install the VST file directly to the correct destination folder, rather than manually moving the DLL file afterwards. 9.

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Inserting instrument plug-ins (e.g. MASSIVE, KONTAKT, etc.) will be grouped by plug-in format: Ableton Live 9 supports Audio Units and VST on Mac systems, . MASSIVE is a sonic monster – the ultimate synth for basses and leads. The virtual-analog concept belies the contemporary, cutting-edge sound it generates.

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