Proxifier 5.2 Crack + Registration Key Download 2023

By | February 7, 2023

Proxifier 5.2 Crack is the best software that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers or a chain of proxy servers. Moreover, it allows you to access those websites that are not accessible before it. Further, it can work with any Internet client through a broker. By using this tool, you can improve network performance and ensure privacy. It is a flexible rule system and has an easy-to-use yet powerful UI with live data. Further, this software allows you to ensure confidentiality. Also, it enables you to send or receive emails through a proxy server.Proxifier Crack

It also allows you to work with different clients, including web browsers, FTP, SSH, IRC, ICQ, and P2P clients via a network. So, this app is a useful tool to monitor network connections. This is a simple and powerful Secure Shell (SSH) tool often used to bypass firewalls by exploiting Internet service provider bugs. With it will be easy for you to configure a proxy for all applications on your computer to use simultaneously. So you no longer have to worry about setting an application proxy one by one.

Proxifier Registration Key can redirect the browser, email, database, and game with a proxy server. All in all, it can handle its reach to resources. Moreover, it also secures your system. It can update several configurations remotely in one place. You can route your internet flow with quick routes. Furthermore, it is a modern and standalone alternative to VPN. It is flexible rules permit the tunnelling of chosen apps and focus. Therefore, It can simply tunnel all TCP connections on the system. You can redirect the browser, email, database, and game connection to a proxy server. It can manage its access to completely reliable resources. In short, it is a modern and standalone alternative to VPN. Flexible rules allow the tunnelling of selected applications and methods. So you can tunnel all TCP connections to the system.

Key Features:


  • Installation requires administrator rights. After installation, it will run by all users.
  • Silent mode (unattended) is supported.
  • All For Windows binaries are signed with an Initex digital certificate issued by a trusted root certification authority.
  • The portable edition will not require installation and can be run from removable media.
  • All in all, personal settings are good during the update.
  • Also, automatic check for updates at startup.


  • It can handle all outgoing TCP connections.
  • Full IPv6 support.
  • Moreover, IPv4 tunnel connection via the IPv6 Proxy and vice versa.

Proxy Servers:

  • SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 4A (hostname support) with user ID authentication.
  • SOCKS 5 with username/password authentication.
  • HTTPS with basic authentication and NTLM (explicit and transparent mode).
  • Further, Tested with all major proxy servers including Microsoft ISA, Blue Coat, WinGate, Dante, Squid,
  • Transparent proxy failure for client applications if redundancy is enabled.

Proxy Chains:

  • Arbitrary length.
  • Different proxy protocols can be used in the same chain.
  • The on-chain Proxy can be enabled/disabled.
  • A convenient user interface allows channel creation and rearrangement by drag and drop.
  • Load balancing chain.

Client applications::

  • Support for 32 and 64-bit applications.
  • Windows services and applications run by other users (configurable).
  • All in all, transparent Proxy for client applications.
  • Better compatibility with third-party software. Automatic conflict resolution logic.


  • Both DNS and DNS via Proxy are supported.
  • Hybrid mode.
  • Automatic detection of DNS mode.
  • DNS over Proxy is supported for all proxy protocols.
  • All in all, a list of DNS exceptions with wildcards (for example *

Flexible configuration:

  • Proxy rules can be based on the application name, IP address, hostname, and port number.
  • Supported ranges for IP addresses and port numbers (for example,–; 80–1234).
  • Furthermore, live syntax checking with highlighting.
  • The proxy context menu (right-click on an arbitrary .exe file) allows dynamic proxy selection for single-session applications.

Configuration Deployment & Management:

  • Human readable XML format.
  • Moreover, unlimited duration.
  • Also, it supports basic and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • A system-wide profile that is forcibly used for all users.
  • Quick profiles move from the list.
  • Profiles can be managed as files. Import and export supported.
  • Users can enter login information if the login/password is empty on the profile.
  • Proxy password encryption profile with the user’s current login information or master password.
  • It can interactively request a username, and password if authentication on the Proxy fails.
  • Automatic profile updates from remote web servers. User proxy login information is retained.
  • All in all, the option to force profile password encryption through the system registry.
  •  Moreover, Proxifier Keygen is fully compatible with Windows and Mac versions.

User interface and interaction:

  • Live connection information, including app name, target host, time/state, rules/proxies, received/sent bytes, and more.
  • Live traffic graph (bandwidth).
  • World Statistics Live.
  • Moreover, direct output with 3 levels of verbosity.
  • Also, the colour indication.
  • Further, the system tray icon with a traffic view.
  • The customizable user interface persists on restart (window size, panel layout, etc.).

Logs and Troubleshooting:

  • Detailed error messages.
  • Log files.
  • All in all, Clear mode for screens and log files with clear output.
  • Traffic dump.
  • Automatic self-check test at each start.
  • Intuitive conflict detection logic.
  • Custom crash reporters.

Support and Documentation:

  • Detailed documentation with photos and examples.
  • Versions are available online and offline (integrated).
  • Moreover, Fast and professional support by email.

Development and copyrights:

  • All copyrights are the exclusive property of Inditex.
  • It does not contain or link open-source, freeware, or third-party code.
  • Furthermore, windows installation packages come with Inno Setup.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: 7/8/10 [64bit-32]
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB

How To Crack?

  1. Download the setup file from the links given above and below.
  2. Moreover, run the file.
  3. Further, Follow the readme file instructions.
  4. Be patience.
  5. At the last click on the finish button and enjoy your free full software.