Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter Mod APK v1.0.42

By | January 24, 2022

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter Mod apk latest version download for free.

Carve a legend shadow fighter’s path to vengeance in an unmatched ninja warrior and samurai fighting offline RPG Game. Darkness of Kurome destroyed what the shadow ninja warrior tried to protect at the cost of their lives. Only one strongest shadow legend named Ryuko, has survived. Play this one of the best semi open world 3D Japanese role playing game.

A bleak, twisted, focused and most importantly challenging experience. Explore the journey of young girl shadow hunter who returned after 20 years of exile, in one of the best third person Action RPG Japanese role playing game.

An Amazing Storyline
In early times of Japan there was an uncharted region known as Kurome.
This land was home to shadow ninja warrior and samurai fighters. It contained beautiful landscapes having billowing fields and tranquil shrines. One day these people of Kurome were cursed by a maleficent spell. Their eyes became Black and they turned into demons. Those who had eye contact with these demons also turned into berserk enemies of humans.

A legend shadow fighter who was noble once now tried to hunt other innocent humans. As they belonged to the cast of ninja warrior it was almost impossible to defeat them and get rid of them. The darkness of these fighters was spreading to more regions with time ending innocent lives.

Epic Boss Fights
Ryuko, a valiant shadow warrior is bound to protect the lands of tremendous breadth and beauty which belongs to her ancient bloodline. This ninja hunter travels the evil lands to fight fierce monster and rescue her grandfather. She is trained in the ways of legend shadow warrior and finds a way to defeat enemies. You will experience intense and challenging boss fights. As Ryuko’s story unfolds, versatility and creativity becomes your greatest weapons.

Impressive Visuals and Non Repetitive Gameplay
An intense gameplay set in Medieval Japan in a brutal period of constant life and death conflict where you face monsters in dark and twisted world. Your eventual aim is to rescue your grandfather, end magic curse, and purify the evil lands. You will be able to unleash a weapons and master hunter abilities. You can perform stealth kill and head to head battle. You can be poisoned, beaten, stabbed, and assassinated.

Upgrade Your Skills
An open world Action adventure game where you will encounter detailed shadow ninja fighting characters, discover ancient Japanese landmarks, and also uncover the hidden beauty of Kurome. You will perform inventory management and have dialogues with npc characters.

Finisher Moves
Your shadow legend develops stealth kill and deception tactics to battle, disorient and ambush enemies. You will be able to finish enemies with finisher moves.

Multiple Characters and Weapons
An organic approach to combat makes Ryuko the perfect battleground for mixing and matching ninja assassin hunter skills and tactics to find the perfect blend for your play style.

– Japanese role playing adventure
– Three types of katana – Katana, Dual Katana, Great Katana
– Stealth kill option
– Head to head battle
– Infight weapon switch
– Strategic defense
– Critical attack
– Fast travel

Offline Fighting Game
This shadow legend game is one of the best sword fighting offline games with monster enemies. Only the strongest will survive. Experience an immersive shadow fighter game.

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter mod apk

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Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter v1.0.42 Mod APK