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By | June 26, 2019

It sounds like massive primordial percussion and jungle drums voices of the apocalypse kontakt evoke strange primal emotions, all controllable via a fantastically designed yet simple GUI. In between these two extremes, there is a lot of variety to be explored including award winners like the 3 Storm Drum incarnations the latest being Global Percussion So what about the small guys, the hobbyists, the tinkerers, the home recording artists or the garage bands?

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voices of the apocalypse kontakt

CHORD , Has anyone tried it? Is it indeed like a smaller brother of east west choirs or is east west choirs more like a grandfather. I want to know if the difference in quality or quantity of the two is ridiculous or not. For instance the difference between Gold and platnum is not soo ridicolous as silver and platnum. I listened to the demos and was quite impressed. I dont think Apocalpse comes with a kompakt player so if thats the case how do i use it?

It specifies Akai and emu or something. I have kontakt, would it work with something in an akai format? Can i use the Apocalpse with kompakt like Gold? I think it comes with a wordbuiler sort of thing but does it come with latin phrases or patches? It comes in Gigasampler format only. You can load it up into Kontakt via the import. I would recommend using Chicken System’s Translater you can use the free version if you only have Kontakt 1. Consider VotA as only 1 mic position.

From what I hear of it, it sounds really nice, if a bit noisy. Compare it to Choirs, which 1 mic position would be roughly So, you’re comparing 1 gig to 12 gigs of sample usage. Choirs has solo singers, boys choir, mens and womens choir The samples are also a higher bit rate and has a lot more velocity response to it.

Also, I’ve read people have a hard time making VotA do quiet things, because its more geared towards loud, Duel of the Fates kind of choir music. I’ve also read the opposite, where people have no problem with it doing quiet stuff I’ve also read people weren’t happy with Choirs, because it wasn’t true SATB and the hit to the system 38 gigs was too much, so people just went back to VotA. Just passing along word of mouth so to speak, or rather sight of eyes!

I opted for other things at the moment, because I’m not really sure I want VotA. Especially if Choirs ever goes on group buy, because that would be just my luck! I dont know how kontakt will work with the wordbuilder and coverting those files from gigastudio seems like a pain. I have a 2gig ram setup running eastwest gold and a shyt load of other stuff already. Anyway, anymore thoughts on apocolpse will be welcome. Does it come with preset latin phrases? Is their version of wordbuilder friendily to Cubase or nuendo?

D Moonchilde , So its possible. Using a translator is no problem! The Chicken Systems Translater is pretty user friendly, and I used to use it to convert from Giga to Soundfont, but I don’t do that anymore because Soundfont is a terrible sample format and I no longer have a Creative soundcard! Doug Wellington , Composing with Gold and then loading into the studio computer with Platinum seems easy enough. Moonchilde , I don’t think the consonant patches are the same as Choirs either It would take too much work.

Its not like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Hopefully someone with VotA would be able to let you know, but I think because they’re different products they would be completely different beasts, ya dig? SOJO7 , I have both. The wordbuilding software is not as easy as SC but it works if you know what you’re doing. Symphonic Choirs however, is clear and away the superior program library.

Do you think it would be workable on a laptop with other libraries loaded at the same time or should I go for a different vocal library? If you are going to get Choirs at some point, I would say forget it.

Laptop users can always use 1 mic, set the voice buffer to a lower level so there is more streaming, and put Choirs on an external drive. That is, if resources are going to be a problem. If you stream VotA with DFD or whatever, then it should be a minimal hit because its size is so small.

I just read the FAQ about how many authorizations I get, and it looks like I can install Choirs on both my desktop and my laptop at the same time.

That solves at least part of the problem Another reason I like dongle protection – I can install the stuff on as many different computers as I want and then just plug the dongle into whichever one I’m using at the time.

Easier for an old dog like me to remember By the way, if you have Choirs, just toss that VotA idea out of your head! Originally I thought I could only have one authorization at a time, so I wasn’t looking forward to having to buy two copies of Choirs Hmmm, maybe I’ll be able to get Colossus sooner than I thought They both can add up quickly, but VOTA is just a smaller program your not going to be getting as much with it compared to SC.

It works fine with company on a high 2 gig machine if you have the memory for it.: I think it has almost all of it except the vowels, and the samples have been reworked from scratch.

I’m not really sure though because I don’t know anyone who has Colossus! RC Moonchilde , Really makes no sense. If you’re going to hack it, you’re going to hack it, so do it with the superior product I think. There are a lot of empty promises and dreamsellers out which can become very annoying. From my understanding VOTA will let you type words and have the choir sing it correct?

Great, but does it have any good preset latin phrases? Is the only difference between VOTA and east west the quality and size of samples? Its easier said than done. I think I shall painfully crave east west choirs untill i get that phonecall i have been waiting on I would look into it more.

It may be what you want. VotA doesn’t have that, I don’t think. D NHPain , Please correct me if that has changed! Moonchilde Movie trailers only. You can use it for anything else. Chmara gainbroadband. I am on a Mcc and have translated VOTA to get reasonable vocal structure from it — but no articulations as the phonetic program has never been “translated.

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EWQL Voices of the Apocalypse Kontakt – Introninja. The ‘Angels’ are the female voices of the choir and there are some really inspirational patches provided, especially the first, which is slightly ethereal and uses the modulation wheel to crossfade between ‘oo’ and ‘oh’ vowel sounds (without vibrato). Jan 26,  · East West Quantum Leap – Voices of Apocalypse (KONTAKT) [ISO] Everything from Angelic to downright evil! Mens Choir – Ah, oo, ee, oh, eh, ih, uh, mm, all chromatically sampled with a three octave range. Straight tone and heavy vibrato cross-faded with the mod wheel for extremely expressive performances. Release samples of the hall for every sample. May 06,  · EWQL Voices of the Apocalypse KONTAKT Introninja | May | MB. Various patches can also be used as regular instruments, and the vowel sounds are useful as general choral fodder, so long as you bear in mind that these samples are intended to be dramatic and intense.

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Voices of Passion is a virtual instrument of Female Vocalists from East West Quantum Leap – Voices of Apocalypse (KONTAKT) [ISO] →. I am thinking about getting the Quantum Leap Voices of the Apocalypse samples. They are in Giga format. I was wondering if anyone could.

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