Wmiprvse exe wmi provider host

By | June 26, 2019

Therefore, it is important not to disable the wmiprvse exe wmi provider host altogether. We prepared a guide that can help you fix the problem. WMI Provider Host process is a Windows feature that enables other software and scripts to request information about the OS, as well as data kept on it. This provides excellent functionality for software interaction and is extremely useful for corporations that centrally manage computers. Initially, the process should not use a lot of CPU [1] or Memory.

High CPU usage by WMIPRVSE.EXE process at regular intervals in Windows

wmiprvse exe wmi provider host

WMI only provides information to a program when it requests it. However, apps running on a home PC may also use this module to fetch critical information about drive encryption, event log, and information about other installed applications. You can also fetch the status of your hard drive health and so on.

During its normal operations, WmiPrvSE. Nevertheless, sometimes this Windows component can misbehave and puts the load on CPU due to high memory usage. It indicates that something is wrong. When this happens, you might face the following issues. We have covered quite a few different approaches to solve this problem for you. Follow the steps below. Step 1: When you restart your computer, Windows start all over again.

It means if something temporary is causing WMI to misbehave, it will be resolved using this easy step. After the restart, note CPU usage. If not, follow the other recommended steps to solve high CPU use problem. Step 2: However, you may have to perform more troubleshooting steps if your problem persists.

Step 3: Doing so should resolve high memory usage problem by repairing the corrupt WMI files. When WMI is misbehaving due to a corrupt file, this step should fix the problem for you.

If not, move to the next step below. Step 4: So, when WMI requires information from an unresponsive program or service, the request will not get through. It will cause high CPU usage. The good news is that you can easily figure out the real culprit by going to Event Viewer and doing some investigative work. Follow the steps below to fix your problem.

You can either stop this program from Task Manager or simply uninstall the program. Afterwards, check CPU usage to confirm that you have solved the problem. If not, it could be due to more than one unresponsive program. Repeat the above process again to find out what other programs could be resulting in errors.

We hope the steps above will help you troubleshoot this error no matter what has caused it.


Nov 27,  · The WMI Provider Host process is an important part of Windows, and often runs in the background. It allows other applications on your computer to request information about your system. This process shouldn’t normally use many system resources, but it may use a lot of CPU if another process on your system is behaving serialfree.info: Chris Hoffman. Aug 12,  · What is WmiPrvSE? WmiPrvSE is the acronym for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. Or, as the description in Task Manager mentions, it is Author: Austin. Solved WMI Provider Host (serialfree.info) service hogging very high percentage of CPU usage problem on Windows 10 fast and easily in four ways.

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What is WMI Provider Host (serialfree.info)?. WMI Provider Host (serialfree.info ). This post shows you how to troubleshoot serialfree.info or Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service or WMI Provider Host High.

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